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Thanks for visiting the new CodeScholar site!  CodeScholar is meant to provide a software development curriculum for teachers and aspiring students. 

While there’s a ton of resources out there for learning how to code, many focus on the mechanics of a single language without explaining the broader concepts and best practices. Many are written by developers for (aspiring) developers and might leave you with a sink-or-swim feeling as you pick your way through incomplete answers and abandoned message threads that don’t quite apply.

The plans for CodeScholar and its initial material are still under development but there are a few defining features that you’ll be able to expect from CodeScholar …

  • The lessons will be specifically designed for use by educators – either classroom instructors or self-teachers. Each lesson will include a complete, modular lesson with a stated purpose, goal, assessment, definitions and suggested resources.
  • CodeScholar resources will be centered on cross-language principles rather than a specific language or technology. Multiple tracks can be developed to teach specific languages but the focus will remain on principles such as object-oriented programming, variable use, best practices, etc..
  • The system will be designed to grow organically over time and adapt to new technologies.

If you are a professional teacher with classroom experience and would like to contribute ideas and even complete lessons to the project, I’d like to hear from you. You can also visit our partner sites for the Ocala I.T. Professionals and Comeau Software Solutions.

You can also follow CodeScholar on Twitter and keep up with its progress and news about other training efforts around the world.  Hope to see you there!